Garretts Celebrating National Shooting Sports Month


Garretts Celebrating National Shooting Sports Month

August 2023

NSSF MONTH - Starting today August 1, 2023 We will be having Giveaways with the purchase of a gun throughout the entire month of August. Come by and check out our inventory and get your Freebees. Age restrictions apply and items available while supplies last.

Garretts Sporting Goods Arkansas Location

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Garretts Sporting Goods Arkansas Location

4001 South State Line Ave Texarkana AR 71854 inside of Rockycreek Outdoors Shooting Complex

We at Garretts are excited for you to see the modifications that have been made to our Arkansas Location. Troy Nipper has done a wonderful job with our new saferoom and accommodations for our location inside his Rocky Creek Outdoors Shooting Complex. He and Alisha have designed a beautiful Club house and grounds for you and your family to enjoy. From Skeet to Trap, Rifle to Pistols, Archery to Axe Throwing, with 5-Stand in between. Relax afterwards on the beautiful covered outdoor space at the 10,000 sq ft club house. They have made it easy for you and your family to enjoy shooting sports right here in your own backyard.
Come shop at Garretts Sporting Goods for all your guns, accessories, optics, thermals, ammo, and Class III items. We can accommodate you whether your are a Texan or an Arkansan, we are Twice as Nice! We hold both Texas and Arkansas FFL and Class3 license. We are a Silencers Shop Kiosk Dealer which makes your Class III purchases seamless, allowing you to do your finger prints and all the required paperwork through our kiosk. You'll find the same great products in our Arkansas location that you've come to love at our Texas side store. Including the Jerry Fisk and Ricardo Vilar FAV and R.Vilar family of knives. Come by you never know when they will be in the stores. Bonus: When you purchase from Garretts we do not charge a transfer fee between our own locations. A note of thanks to Cody and Nicole Cox at #One of a Pine for the beautiful work on our counters and wall displays. They have become a part of our Garretts family.
We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations, Stan and Martha Garrett and our Garrett Family of employees.
Garretts Sporting Goods - Arkansas Location 4001 South State Line Ave Texarkana AR 71854 (inside of Rockycreek Outdoors Shooting Complex)
Texas location 3102 Richmond Rd Texarkana Texas 75503 (across from Sonic and next door to Danny's Hair Salon).


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2nd Annual James Black's Heritage Festival on April 21st 22nd 2023 9:00am - 5:00pm

Garretts Sporting Goods is happy to announce that we are teaming up with Ricardo Vilar the Festival Creator and Forged In Fire Winner and Judge, Master Bladesmith Jerry Fisk one of Arkansas "Living Treasures" and Doug Marcaida Forged in Fire Judges, For the Second Annual James Black Bowie Heritage Festival, after last years success of 3,500 plus in attendance.

From Doug Marcaida FB page. Come meet some of the Greats of our country and have fun too. April 21-22,2023
WASHINGTON, Ark. -- This town, in partnership with the University of Arkansas Hope Texarkana Foundation and Historic Washington State Park, will host the the 2nd Annual James Black's Bowie Heritage Festival on April 21-22, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The festival will celebrate James Black, the bladesmith who forged the first Bowie Knife for Jim Bowie in Washington and promote a variety of Arkansas heritage crafts and trades.

Special guests at the festival will include History Channel's Forged in Fire judges and edged weapons combat specialist Doug Marcaida and Forged in Fire judge and Bladesmith Ricardo Vilar. Marcaida and Vilar will judge the Arkansas National Cutting Competition with the Bowie Knife, and forged in Fire competitions. They will also facilitate a workshop and conduct demonstrations.

Former Forged in Fire champions will participate in the festival:Maste Bladesmiths from around the world will be in attendance showcasing their knives and telling the stories behind each blade. They will also have knives for sale. Re-enactors will narrate the story of Jim Bowie's travels and the importance of the Bowie Knife.

Folk artisans will contribute to the festival by displaying and selling heritage crafts. Exhibits and workshops, period music, a knife show, and a knife cutting competition organized by National Living Treasure and Mastersmith Jerry Fisk and former Forged in Fire champion Ricardo Vilar, both of Nashville, Arkansas, will also be features of the festival. Resident Mastersmith at the Historic Arkansas Museum, Lin Rhea, will exhibit and demonstrate his bladesmith skills at the festival.

In addition to showing their handmade crafts, knife makers and craft vendors will teach techniques and discuss the educational value of their trades. Several Arkansas "Living Treasures" will attend with their art and be recognized for their contributions to Arkansas traditional folk arts or crafts.

J. R. Cook, an Arkansas "Living Treasure" from Nashville, will tell how bladesmithing became a part of his life.

Visitors can learn how to forge a blade at the James Black School of Bladesmithing and Historic Trades, where the legend of the Bowie Knife lives on.

Guests will also experience the unique atmosphere of a historically preserved community.

There will be a dedicated kids' corner where children can learn about heritage crafts and take home a free wooden replica Bowie knife.

A variety of food vendors will also be part of the festival.

Other festival partners include the Washington Fire Auxiliary, Arkansas Department of Heritage and Washington Tourism.

(To participate, applications are available for heritage art crafters and bladesmiths from Mona Still at 870-648-5084 or Dolly Henley at 870-703-4826 See less


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Garretts 2nd Annual Hammer In with Master Blade Smith Jerry Fisk and Ricardo Vilar JUNE 18, 2022 10:00am-4:00pm

Saturday June 18, 2022, 10:00am until 4:00 pm, will be our 2nd Annual Hammer In/Knife makers demonstration with Master Blade Smith Jerry Fisk and Ricardo Vilar along with a few of their friends. It's a chance of a life time to see these two Masters work together and visit with them. Lots of demos, Knives for sale and Ricardo will have his Forged in Fire winning Axe for you to see. Find that perfect Fathers Day Gift and let the kids shoot inside the Big Red Ryder - Daisy BB Gun Range. It will be a fun day. kids will receive a free Doug Marcaida T-shirt while supplies last. Come purchase your handmade knives and the Doug Marcaida 5.11 Talon fixed and folders. Happening at Garretts Sporting Goods at 3102 Richmond Road Texarkana Texas 75503.